What Our Customers Say

We Love hearing about our customers and how much they love our food.

  • We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful food that you catered at our wedding on July 1st. Everybody loved it & we were able to have our favorite restaurant for our special day. I wish all is going well for you and we wish you and Surf Brothers the best of luck.

    Kimmy and Dusty

  • As a health care provider, I recommend Surf Brothers Teriyaki to everyone. The meals have an excellent source of hormone free protein, which is rare to find these days. Thank you Surf Bros for providing a high protein meal that tastes great.

    Dr, Kyle Tetz, DC

  • FINALLY… found my go-to teriyaki place and it’s taken me 20yrs. It’s not the best teriyaki I’ve ever had but it’s the best I’ve had in California thus far.

    Jane A

  • NotesThanks for your holiday tips!
    May you all have a very blessed Christmas!
    My family enjoyed some delicious surf Bros Teriyaki, just last night! We so love your delicious, healthy menu! Thank You~

    Jamie H

  • I’ve been going to Surf Brothers for years and am surprised I’ve never written a review! I love their combo chicken and steak plate. Their sauce is what makes it… I’m not sure what it is, but the perfect blend of teriyaki and sweetness mixed with the perfectly cooked meat and steamy hot rice makes for a great healthy meal.

    Sandy F

  • Surf Brothers exceeded my expectations! I got their combo chicken and steak plate. First of all, I would drink the sauce– it’s that good. Also, the chicken and steak both have a lovely amount of char on them that make it so good. You can see them grilling it in the back– loads and loads of meat. I went for lunch and it was packed, for good reason. Can’t wait to go back!

    Karen T